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My good friend Pam, kindly invited me to TIFF 2008 again – a bit of a brush with fame this time (last year we saw James McAvoy and Keira Knightley – this film had the director and an actor playing a secondary role) but it was an interesting movie (Empty Nest) and we had a great time.

After the movie we headed down to Dundas Square…WOW, Toronto really beefed this area up (I haven’t been down in a month or so). It’s absolutely lovely! They set up an outdoor theatre for TIFF and screen movies for free at night! They also set up a cute little photo booth where Pam and I horsed around a bit!

Pam and Eva at Dundas Square Photo Booth

Pam and Eva at Dundas Square Photo Booth

We then walked down to Pravda Vodka Bar for dinner (it was OK – I will review on tripadvisor). 3 martini’s 2 vodka rocks and a mediocre beef tartar and salmon and tuna grave lox (appi portions) was over $120!!! And I had to grab a snack when I got home! I should mention that JT came down for a drink with us – I didn’t consume 3 martini’s on my own, although I should have!!!!

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