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Cooked on a stone

While in France, our first night in Meyreuil we ate at a lovely family owned restaurant. Paul, T and JT all had salmon cooked on river rock, each one presented beautifully on the boiling hot rock at the table (I had the traditional blood sausage, sounds gross but was delicious). JT and I have been talking about the hot stone presentation ever since.

We were at the cottage this weekend, and walked quite a bit on our road. We made it a point to try to find beautiful flatish stones for our rendition. I heated the stones in the oven for about 2 hours on 500F and then removed them to the counter (be very careful, granite will crack with such heat, the only thing that will support the heat is soap stone!). We seared some scallops marinated in soy and molasses (two to one, less molasses than soy) and then used the same marinade (I reserved some) for the salmon. Very simple and tastey! Sear the scallops about 2 minutes on each side (the stone is so hot, it sizzles!)

I reheated the stone and then we did the salmon, which took a bit longer but well worth it! The steaks will depend on how thick they are for cooking time, a quick finger test in the centre will tell if it’s done!

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