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For the last couple of years we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving (Oct 13th) at my brother’s cottage and this year is shaping up for the same! My brother likes to cook, so I don’t generally cook up there, but I do bring up my goodies.

Gus, Wendy and JT will be playing golf on Sunday morning (just 9 holes) so I’ll be looking after the kids. I’ll need to look after lunch, I am planning on home made personalized pizza (so each kid can roll-out their own dough and put toppings of their choice on the pizza!) and a really really cute dessert of Ice Cream Cone cakes. Here is a photo from Metro‘s recipe site, but their’s uses a mix cake, and I plan on making my own batter! I’ll eventually replace this shot when I make the cakes!

I thought it would be fun to have the kids decorate their own cakes…gives us something to do while the other kids golf! I am going to make Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Recipe for this one, and because it’s the cottage, I’ll probably just buy some frosting and bring some decorations from the bulk food store!

Here is a list of goodies I am planning on bringing up:

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