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JT and I decided to head downtown to Nuit Blanche on Saturday night. It was wild! Apparently a million people showed up! The sidewalks were packed – it was so cool! We planned out trip to take in Zone A – too bad it’s on for only one night, it would have been fun to check out the other zones. We TTC’d it down to City Hall and walked up to Bloor street, taking in as many installations as we could along the way – about 3-4 km. The night was gorgeous! Great temperature for walking.

Credit: All photos from Nuit Blanche website.

Our first stop was City Hall where we watched Blinkenlights this German company transformed our city hall windows into a giant screen where they played with the lights in each window to create art. It was way cool. Check out the video.

Our next stop was Into the Blue at the Eaton Centre…way weird in a cool kinda way. It is literally rings of rubber filled with air and suspended from the ceiling. You walk under it and look up.

We found Four Sisters, 2008 a very large time lapsed video taken of the Gardiner Expressway. Check out the video

Our next stop was Time Piece 2008 which shows the 27 phases of the moon in fast video. It loops really quickly. The screen was huge so you really got to see amazing details in the moon.

We then ventured further north to Collage and Universtity to see Waterfall, 2008. This is a really interesting installation quilt made of recycled plastic. It was supposed to have a waterfall effect, but I didn’t see it. It might have been better if it was lit differently, perhaps with moving lights to simulate water falling.

Along the way, we came across Sound Forest, 2008 bunch of darkly dressed people walking around making weird humming sounds. We didn’t stay long.

We culminated our journey at the Roof Top Lounge at the Park Hyatt hotel, each with a lovely $14 glass of wine!!! Then we hopped on the subway and went home (around midnight!). It was quite a fun evening!

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