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I’ve been very bad blogging lately. We’ve been swamped at work and I guess I haven’t felt like spending any more time than I had to on my computer at home.

Check out the photos from our weekend away!

Paul and T on the hiking trail at Starved Rock

Paul and T on the hiking trail at Starved Rock

We drove down to Paul and T’s for the Easter Weekend. It was lovely. We rented another Camry Hybrid (about $85 of gas for both ways!!!) – granted it’s not the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen, but it gets unbelievable fuel efficiency and that, above all, tips it to ‘way cool’ in my books!

We had by far one of the worst boarder experiences going into the states. The Guard in our queue took about 5-8 minutes per car, compared to the other queues which were 2-3 minutes per car (add it up, 10 cars at even 6 minutes each is 60 minutes, waiting in line). And it’s not as if he was asking more detailed questions…he was just taking his sweet time with EVERY car , making a call, chatting it up with the other guard etc. Apparently we are not allowed to bring apples (2 apples as a snack) into the US – which were US apples to begin with – confiscated the apples, and then made a show of sashaying to the garbage bin which was at the front of the little guard building, opening the garbage can lid, looking back at us to make sure we see he is tossing the apples and then sashaying back. UGH. It really was terrible. We were at the crossing for one and a half hours in total. Brutal.

We had a lovely time in Chicagoland (yup, that is what they call it!). They are about 2 weeks ahead of us seasonally, so their buds and blooms were in full swing…really gave me something to look forward to.

We shopped well, ate well and drank AND we went for a very cool hike in Starved Rock State Park. WOW. What a beautiful park. We were just going to drive down and check out the lodge and head back for the Masters, but when we started walking, we just couldn’t stop. The scenery was spectacular and the paths were so easy to walk (there were lots of board walks – which was great because I had my cowboy boots on and they weren’t perfect for real hiking – gimme a break, we were just going to drive up and walk in the lodge!!!) We ended up being out for about 3 hours. Poor Paul had to TiVO the masters. We had lunch at the lodge bar  which was just OK (it was Easter Sunday so the restaurant had a brunch).

Stay tuned for some recipes – we’re having Kim and Rob and Chloé for dinner on Saturday so I get to cook!

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