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I have been so bad posting lately.
We’ve had a lot of rain, but that’s good for nature. The trees seem to have burst into bloom in a matter of hours! It truly is spectacular! I have to admit, this is really my most favourite time of year. The back yard is filled with light and dark purple violets, dark purple periwinkle, lily of the valley and right at the very back of the yard, beside the shed is our very own beautiful white trillium! The forsythia at the back of the yard was the first to show it’s plumes. The crab apple tree is just about to burst into bloom, the lilacs have started opening (their scent is amazing). Last year I severely cut back the mock orange and had doubts about its return, but it has really come back so wonderfully, I am excited to see its blooms this year! The weigela is also ready to burst (last week I brought a few boughs inside to force them into bloom for a sneak peak!)
I haven’t been doing much cooking lately – and last Thursday I caught my first cold of the year – UGH! I think I am going to cancel all of my plans this weekend and stay in bed with ginger tea and popcorn!

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