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When we decided to add onto our kitchen, we knew we had to give up our lovely cocktail deck JT and I built about a year or two after we moved into our home. But we had bigger plans! A new, bigger, better cocktail lounge to replace a semi useless, puney little deck off the living room! The mother of all mother cocktail lounges!

We had planned to put on this new and improved deck during the reno, but because of timing and such, we were were not able to then. We decided it was time, so I am taking a week off to help my husband build a deck. Believe it or not, I love this type of manual labour, blue job or not! A few photos for a general time line:

Pre Cocktail Area 2001

Pre Cocktail Area 2001 at the time we purchased the home

Cocktail Area Before Reno

Cocktail Area Before Reno around 2002-3

Cocktail Area During Reno

Cocktail Area During Reno 2007

Old Cocktail Area after addition

Cocktail Area after the Reno 2008

Site of the Upcoming Mother of all Cocktail Lounges

Site of the Upcoming Mother of all Cocktail Lounges

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