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Our vacation to visit our good friends in Chicago was canceled due to illness. We were saddened not to be able to see our pals Paul and T. JT and I tried to book a last minute thing somewhere within driving distance for a night or two, but being the long weekend, and last minute, we were unable to find anything in our price range. So I decided to come back to work for Thursday and Friday. I know it sounds bad, but I like work and I’d rather not waste my vacation days watching TV. So here I am, obviously it’s not so busy 😉

On a positive note, we were able to catch one of our favourite Toronto-born entertainers, Matt Dusk who performed last night at the CNE (this is our exhibition which always signals the end of summer for all!). And what good fortune, the Ex has a special on Monday through Thursday after 5pm entry is five bucks. Matt Dusk was free!!

We got to the Ex around 5:15 and bummed around until 6:45 – we are not huge midway people, nor do we like midway food, so the Ex has never stirred the excitement for us as it does so many others. We found seats at the Band Shell (outdoors and the weather was lovely!). Matt Dusk and his band started on time (thank goodness, the benches were very uncomfortable!). The audience was 75% over 70 and the rest a mix of youngsters and very youngsters! It was good, no screamers and no standing (well, most of them couldn’t even if they wanted to!). As I sat waiting for the concert to begin, I noticed the line-up of walkers and scooters at the front, a contrast to the strollers lined up on Sunday morning at our local brunch place!

Check out a performance of his theme song from the second album on Youtube:

I was able to take a few shots with our crappy little camera…check them out on our photo site: Matt Dusk Live Toronto CNE September 3, 2009

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