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Let’s just say this was the first day of nylon stockings (UUUUUUUUUUUGH!) and my new shoes, of course! Almost made up for the stockings!

New Shoes

New Shoes

Friday JT took me to Forte again. I cannot say enough about this place. YUM, YUM and YUM. Much to my disappointment for them, we were the ONLY couple in the entire place (normally, that frightens me, but not at this place). We had the red carpet treatment. Served by the owner, our private waiter AND Chef Greg Argent. What a wonderful evening. No particular celebration, other than I was doing the Dr. B (actually going there) for the last two week, to try and recapture 8-10lbs that creeped up over the summer! – And, yes I dropped 9lbs in 12 days, so I was happy to be celebrating – with caution, of course).

We shared Melon Salad with Serrano ham, Mancego cheese arugula and a hazelnut vinaigrette – it’s good portion to share, and very tasty (although the Serrano ham tasted and had the texture of prosciutto to me) 5/5

JT had the Pot-au-Fue which was braised short rib, oxtail and potato soufflé, turnips, carrots and brussel spouts (there was marrow in the potato soufflé which made it almost too rich), but he finished everything on the plate. 5/5
I couldn’t resist so I had the bouillabaisse again. Although extremely delicious, it was not nearly as plentiful as the first time I had it (just as well, as I’m trying to get my portions in check again). The flavours of South France were expertly captured in this rich, wonderful soup.5/5
During our service, JT asked the owner if “Greg” was here tonight (Greg Argent is the chef). Yes, he replies, I’ll send him out. OMG, what are you doing JT? We don’t know this guy. But Greg came out twice with precious little amuse bouche each time: the first was his amazing French Onion Soup Dumplings, mini packages filled with braised veal and Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions – and if that wouldn’t be tasty enough, for us, he put a shaving of foi gras on top…wholly molly, I cannot describe how delicious it was. YUM.
The second amuse bouche was served after dinner and it was a wonderful French triple cream cheese EPOISSE on a slightly spicey home made flat bread, with caramelized champagne grapes – YUM. Both times it was Greg who delivered the prizes! What a wonderful treat.
This is an amazing restaurant to go to, and don’t get freaked out that you’re the only one’s there…just means better service and you don’t have to speak over the crazy drunken suits! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.

Overall rating: Decor 5/5, service 5/5, food 5/5 and Value 5/5.

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