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Forte dinner

Last Friday night JT and I treated ourselves to Forte again. This is a fantastic restaurant in the financial district in Toronto – unfortunately, we were the only customers all night long (which suited us fine, but not real good for business). The chef Greg Argent cooks mostly in French style for this place and it’s WONDERFUL! I had the Boulabais again. JT asked the owner, who was serving us at the time, “Is Greg here tonight?” and sure enough, he was. So the owner sent the chef out to our table. We chatted for a few minutes and then he sent out two most wonderful Amuse Bouches I have ever had: French onion soup dumplings (JT had this as an appi the first time we ate here), they are a compact flavour dumpling just bursting with the flavours of traditional French onion soup AND as a special treat, there was a sliver of foie gras – WOW! The second amuse was the Chef’s favourite triple cream cheese called Époisse OMG, OMG, OMG. This is like brie only about gaz-zilion times better.  We treated ourselves over the weekend (and by treat, it’s not only high in calories, but the 250g round runs about $25 – so although it will become one of our cheeses, it likely will happen only once or twice a year!).

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