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JT suggested we do a day trip to St. Jacobs which is about an hour or so away — great idea. It was a gorgeous day and St. Jacobs is known to have some lovely country stores and antique markets. We started off a bit late but as soon as I got my Grande Non-Fat, Decaf Latté we were on our way! Unfortunately, my $4.15 Grande Non-Fat, Decaf Latté was quite possibly the worst cup of coffee I have ever had, bar non! No coffee taste and the milk was burnt. BLAH. Great start.

The drive was quite nice through the Niagara Escarpment, things are looking less grey and white, particularly with the beautiful sunshine we had today. We arrived in St. Jacobs about 12:15ish and set out for our window shopping day. Well, to say that St. Jacob is quaint is a bit of an overstatement. The shops are not so interesting and frankly way too many women’s clothing shops (old lady style). About the best shop we found was a family business who make old fashioned corn brooms (you know the kind that witches ride!). We actually needed a couple so we were happy to be able to leave with a couple of great authentic souvenirs!

Lunch. I googled St. Jacob restaurants and restaurant reviews as we were driving down. There are three main places to eat in St. Jacob, Benjamins Inn and Restaurant (did not see any reviews), Stone Crock and Vidalia’s. Stone Crock had more bad reviews than good, and Vidalia’s had more good than bad, so we tried it. It was reasonably full (apparently they had a really bad business season due to winter this year), they had only two wait staff on. We waiting about 7 minutes to be seated, all the while each of the two wait staff ran by us at least a dozen times, saying “I’ll be with you shortly.” We were seated at a really good table at the back; the back is a bit raised so you get a really good view of the restaurant and the street. The lovely sunshine didn’t bother us being so far back. However (you knew that was coming), some idiotic designer thought it best not to have doors on the bathrooms. Although you must turn several corners to get to the business end, that didn’t stop the insessant noise of the extra powerful hand dryers that ran consistently through our meal every 3-4 minutes. Lovely. Did I also mention that Vidalia’s is connected by this bathroom hallway to the much larger Stone Crock restaurant, who offers a vast buffet brunch (oh god, there was a lot of bathroom action!).

Our meal. I ordered the Moroccan Chicken Salad and JT ordered the Chicken Wrap. They were both tasty, but obviously made or directed by an unsophisticated palate. My salad was way over-dressed. The spinach was sopping wet and there were way too many pumpkin seeds and cranberries and if you are going to say Naan on the menu, then don’t serve me a DG pita! I had a bite of JTs wrap and didn’t taste much (now maybe my palate was recovering from the dressing with salad). My salad would have been great had the (dare I call it) chef had shown a little restraint. All in all a bit of a bummer. Too bad. We had thought we might want to take Paul and T here when they visit in May. No chance.

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