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When I need inspiration for cooking, my all-time favourite GO TO site is Epicurious, but I also check out Food Network Canada and Food Network US regularly. By now, you probably have assessed that I rarely follow a recipe verbatim; I usually change it up based on my tastes, JTs tastes and what I have at home, so these sites usually provide excellent inspiration, plus I love that on Epicurious people comment and rate the recipe!

I also have a couple of really old cookbooks: My Fanny Farmer (it’s a 37th or so edition, really beat up) and my White Roses Flour Cookbook from the late 70’s early 80’s. Both cookbooks are good general recipe references. When I’m feeling lazy, I simply google a recipe and I have 1000’s at my fingertips! Having the iPad or iPhone always at hand makes finding inspiration and new recipes easy.

Recently I started following a lot more cooking blogs. It’s interesting to see what people in other parts of the world are cooking, and what’s really coincidental is that sometimes we’re cooking the same things! I am also published on Foodista and ptitchef.

What is your GO TO recipe book or site?

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