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Dinner with Pete and Karen

Pete is an old friend from way, way back; JT has worked with him over the years (that’s how we got to know him). We’ve gotten together sporadically over the years. Pete recently got engaged! And then he had a heart attack. It just got us thinking how precious and short life is. We had them over for a gourmet, but health conscious dinner. Now I usually cook on the healthy side anyway (butter only where it really adds bang for the buck, I trade cream in for Carnation or flavour such as spices etc.) but I am being super careful with this one. I will link recipes where I can, and post them separately if I haven’t already (it’s easier to search that way).

The Deconstructed Caesar Salad

  1. Hors d’oevres: Spanakopita
  2. Appetizers: Chilled cucumber soup (small portion) and the famous Deconstructed Caesar Salad
  3. Pork Medallions with a ‘creamy’ mushroom velouté on cauliflower and celeriac ‘mash’
  4. Chocolate three ways: Mexican Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Banana Avocado Ice Cream and a Chocolate Dipped Fresh Fig
Of course, it’s also about portion control, and the portions I plan to serve are not going to be huge; the dessert will be three small tasters, just enough to make you want more. I want this dinner to be satisfying and delicious but not heavy and filling.

I had hoped to post recipes at this time, but my Canon EOS USB cable died, so it will have to wait until I replace it.

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