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We left our campground in east Toronto around 9:30 am, a bit later than expected. Sleeping on the pull-out inflatable is really like camping… Ouch! Although the bus is decked out with the most incredible amenities, there is no where to put anything! Stepping over this and that to squeeze into… But I digress…

We stopped in Kingston for a bite and parked our trucks where we could. The Rock Star bus is towing the SUV, so driving any which way but forward is impossible. We pulled into a lot and the inevitable happened, we couldn’t get out without backing up! So we had to unhitch the truck and back up the bus, and rehitch the truck! Oh well, the one hour lunch turned into two!

Back on the road, we see the end is near… But … Wait for it… The bridge to the campground is out! You can’t get there from here! We had to detour back on the highway, go several Kilometres past the campground and come back on ourselves! We finally pull in, set up, and sit back and enjoy our first martini! Mmmmm! We had reservations in old Montreal which we’ve changed three times; I suggested that we scrounge the cupboards and make dinner on site instead of driving the thirty minutes to Montreal. Everyone jumped on it. We had sausages on the grill and beans (no vegetables!) and wine! We sat out at our camp fire and enjoyed the setting and our friends.

It really was an adventure, and I’m firmly decided that this type if camping (or any type, for that matter) is NOT for me! I am really going to enjoy the four star hotel with the king sized bed tonight in old Montreal!

Our friends are driving us into Montreal and they’ll do a bus tour while JT and I will explore on foot ourselves – maybe a little shopping too! And I need to eat a salad (salsa does not make up a food group!). We’ll meet up for dinner tonight.



The second photo shows the boys ‘pulling’ the truck to line it up with the bus to re-hitch!

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