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Remembering 9-11

I knew it was the anniversary of 9-11 all week, but somehow today I put it out of my mind. I do that when I don’t want to do something or remember something…kind of a defense mechanism.
The radio just broadcast a beautiful remembrance and there it was…a flash back like no other. I was working at the time and I heard someone say that two planes just crashed into the World Trade Centers. What? Extreme disbelief. We were able to get onto a news station on-line before the world bogged down the net. My company put the news on in the boardroom on the mammoth TV; I went in and found I just could stay. It really happened. It really did happen. For the next week I was glued to the radio news, weeping uncontrollably; I couldn’t bear to watch actual footage. The radio just brought it all back, and even though ten years have passed, the tears flowed like it was happening today.
To our brothers and sisters south of the 49th, know that I’m thinking of you today. I will remember the horrible acts humans impose on each other – not just 9-11 and hope that in some way, we will all learn something from it.

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