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Morocco is a Kingdom and their beloved king is called Mohammed VI; he is the only king to encourage his wife to be active on the communities and offer help to the poor. He has several palaces in Marrakech and Casablanca. The government is headed by a Prime Minister.
Morocco has 32 million people, around the size of Canada. The area that Morocco occupies is just slightly smaller than the state of California. Their population is comprised mostly of Muslim faith, 1% Christian and a smattering with the Jewish Faith.
The majority of Muslims do not consume alcohol. But just in case they have even a marginal desire, the government taxes domestic booze by 100% and imports with an additional 80%. There are 14 wine regions in Morocco, and the wine they produce is not bad! Even with the taxes, the wines are not badly priced in Restaurants (I have yet to find a liquor store).
Morocco is the second largest producers of roses in the world (I imagine Mexico is the largest). Morocco grows apples, bananas, lemons, limes, walnuts, almonds, olives, figs, dates as well as cherries (not our red cherries, but orange cherries, I’m told). Their tropical climate affords them palm trees and cactus plants growing wild along the country sides.
They also grow Argan trees which are most famous for Argan Oil; it is used as a household cleanser, a beautifier, and an additive to food to aid the management of cholesterol (of course, they sell a variety of grades for each purpose).
Morocco also grows olives and makes their own olive oil.
Moroccan’s like their tea which is usually a variety of green tea; it is an entire service on how to prepare a proper tea. They like to drink their tea with A LOT of sugar (such as 5-6 lumps, and then some!).

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