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I know what you’re thinking, “WTF?” It’s weird, it’s bizarre but the food’s good (for breakfast) and the service is also good. And it makes for an interesting post for my blog. The Flying Saucer Restaurant has been around since 1972 and has been pleasing crowds from all over, ever since. It’s not fine dining, by any stretch of the imagination but we ARE, after all, in Niagara Falls. Their slogan is FLYING SAUCER RESTAURANT is known throughout the galaxy for OUT OF THE WORLD food at DOWN TO EARTH PRICES – served at the speed of light! It was served very quickly, that’s for sure.

Ruthie is much more photogenic than either JT or I, so we acquiesced each time she asked us, "take my picture, take my picture!"

We’d been here before, last year, we knew the portions were enormous, so we decided to share the E.T. Special. It was plenty of food, believe me. With a couple of cups of coffee, we were all set until lunch! If you’re ever in the Niagara Area and feel like a plain old fashioned greasy spoon breakfast, then The Flying Saucer restaurant is the place for you! But get there before 10am, because that’s when all the weirdos come out for breakfast and the crazy line-ups begin.

It's a lot of food. I couldn't finish the homefries!

Ruthie was feeling a little under the weather from the night before (too much partying!) so she was taking it easy and had only coffee that morning.

Overall rating of The Flying Saucer Restaurant: Decor 4/5 (yes, it even looks flying saucery inside!), service 5/5, food 4/5, Value 4/5, Noise: 3/5 (1 being very noisy, and 5 being very quiet).

Disclaimer: We purchased our meal for full price and my opinions just that, my opinions.

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