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Italian Easter Cheese Bread

I saw this recipe on my friend John Bartolini’s blog from the Bartolini Kitchens and knew INSTANTLY that I had to make it. John has inspired me to make so many things from his wonderful blog (like this and this and this) and I knew that this recipe would not disappoint.
I found it interesting that the first two proofs did not yield the kind of volume a normal bread expands to. But I did persevere and read through the instructions and the bread did not dissappoint (thank you King Aurthur Flour Co. to bring this subtle point to our attention, had you not done it, I may have tossed the little ball of dough out, fearing my yeast was dead!)

Yes, it was as good as it looks. Are those kissing bunnies? Watch out, there will be a hundred of them soon!

I made the bread for dinner last Sunday, it was just going to be 5 of us, so I only made half the loaf — I wish I had doubled the recipe! Seriously, it is good bread. It also got on my list to bake for the Titanic Centenary Party, dinner st Barb’s (Profiteroles and Ponytails) and for my family Easter dinner the following Sunday. Obviously I did not cut into it as it was a gift for the hostess, but it was everything I had expected, and more. Please do click onto John’s blog for the recipe. It is well worth it.

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