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Last Sunday was a day of exploring and we headed up to the High Line so that we could see how much more they’ve expanded the gorgeous elevated gardens. We started at West 30th and walked south with a mission in mind…we wanted to have lunch at The Standard Grill at 13th Street, right under the High Line.

The Standard was recommended to me by one of our fav food stylists who was just in NYC in January, so I knew it would be great.

We were seated at a cozy table at the back, directly in front of the kitchen. We had arrived around 1pm and it wasn’t packed, but lively enough. There were a few couples seated along the same side we were, but with an empty table between us. JT noticed the gentleman directly beside me; hmmm he thought, seems familiar, but it wasn’t until the gentleman spoke that he realized I was sitting right beside Jessy Ferguson (Mitchel from Modern Family)! How COOL IS THAT? We didn’t let on that we recognized him to respect his privacy, but boy would I have love a picture with him! Sigh, the cost of being polite 😦 Jessy and his date were having lunch about the same pace as we were, so I could really say that I had lunch with Jessy Ferguson!

Aren’t they adorable, salt and pepper shakers. They are connected by a magnet.

So I forgot to take pictures yet again. OK, now this is getting silly, but I did order the Steak Tartar à Go-Go…again…I think I have outdone my beef quota for a while. It was traditionally seasoned and a small portion (appetizer) ($16). I enjoyed it with a lovely glass of Prosecco served in an old fashioned champagne goblet. I normally prefer the newer tall flutes so the bubbles don’t dissipate as quickly, but it was somehow appropriate in this traditionally decorated French restaurant. JT ordered Standard Cobb Salad made with local lettuce with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and blue cheese. There was tonnes of blue cheese and it was so tasty! He generously gave me a huge blob which I spread with glee on a crisp toast that came with my tartar. There I said it, I ate bread! It was delicious and such a treat.

I also wanted to mention the unique floors at The Standard Grill…they are entirely tiled in pennies. I asked the hostess how many and I think she said over 5 hundred thousand, but I could be wrong. You can see a very good photo here.

Overall rating of The Standard (in my opinion): Decor 4/5, service 4:5, food 4/5, Value 4/5, Noise: 4/5 (1 being very noisy, and 5 being very quiet). We paid for our meal in full.

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