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After the holidays in mid-January, I was lamenting about my absolute favourite brunch dish, Oretta’s Uova Burrata e Tartufo, and how I missed going out and eating that exquisite dish. But we were in a second huge lockdown since last spring so eating out wasn’t going to be possible anytime soon, I just longingly gazed at my old photos of that delicious dish. Believe it or not, the very next day, my Facebook or Instagram feed has a special take-home meal kit advertised, you guessed it, my favourite dish at Oretta! What a coincidence (I think not)! Although most of the time these types of things really annoy me, I was overjoyed to see that particular meal kit. We placed an order for Sunday morning pickup.


Although the kit was beautiful, it lacked the detailed touches that Chotto Matte had, particularly the clearly labelled items and a recipe card indicating how to cook this wonderful dish. The ingredients were plentiful, particularly the truffle and the orange juice. The Bombolone was over-the-top and could have done without it.

JT knows how to cook the BEST scrambled eggs in the world. We actually got two focaccia but we decided to split one and freeze the second one.

The Nutella and pistachio Bombolone were absolutely over-the-top!

This is the dish as it was served in the restaurant in 2019, a lifetime ago!

Disclaimer: We purchased this meal kit for full-price and my opinion is just that, my opinion.

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