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Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but despite all of the weather related issues we had at the beginning of the holidays, they turned out to be lovely. And with temperatures plummeting to the high minus teens, it’s rather wonderful to have power back! I believe that now power has been restored to everyone in Toronto, thank goodness!

2013 was a year of change in a good way. I celebrated a benchmark birthday (I still can’t believe I’m THAT old!). My almost ten years of working with my dear friend came to an end and I decided to embark on a new career path in food! Little did I know that way back in 2007 when I began blogging it would eventually redirect my career path! I’m really pumped about 2014 and all of the opportunities it will bring! Happy New Year indeed!

As you WordPress users are already aware, WP sends us a synopsis of the stats at the end of every year. Even though i see my stats day to day, this synopsis still surprises me! My humble little blog was viewed 51,000 times in 2013, can you believe it! And for whatever reason December 24th garnered a healthy 728 views (I still can’t figure out why!). Here’s a quick review.

The five most popular posts were:

  1. Titanic Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly
  2. Quinoa Energy Bars
  3. Best Beef Tenderloin Ever
  4. Super Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes
  5. Titanic Dinner Party Invitations

The lovely ladies and gentlemen who were my top five commenters:

  1. Maria at A_Boleyn
  2. Sissi at With a Glass
  3. Norma at Garden to Wok
  4. Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella
  5. Charles at Five Euro Food


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and kind words, without you this blog would be a meaningless collection of recipes floating about in cyberspace. Thank you for you support and encouragement, I can’t express how much it means to me.

May 2014 bring you all joy, health and all the best wishes!

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Thank you Charlie

Charlie-Louie was gracious enough to give me this award. I am flattered that she has selected me (and four others) as blogs she finds educational and for that I am quite grateful. The only requirement of this award I was able to discover is that I have to call out to five of my most supportive and meaningful commenters. I don’t wish to leave anyone out, because I truly find everyone’s comments meaningful and I am so thankful for them. Because of your comments, my blogging has become more purposeful. Please don’t feel obligated to participate, I am just happy to share your wonderful blogs with others.

OK, so here we go,

Charles at Five Euro Foods, his support and his witty comments makes me want to review the comments on my blog at all hours of the morning (sometimes even at 4am!) ;-).

Kristy at Our Family Food Adventures my first Give Away Winner. It seems that Kristy and I share the joy of inappropriate footwear during inclimate weather!

Maria at Live Journal because she reminds me so often of my wonderful Hungarian heritage through food.

Chicago John at From the Bartolini kitchens because he consistently brings me back to my childhood with my own food memories.

and last but not least my good friend Barb from Profiteroles and Ponytails who recently started commenting; her comments are meaningful because we actually do know one another in real life.

Well, there it is. I think I am also supposed to tell you something new about myself, but I have nothing more to tell you. 😉

Charlie Louie who generously honored me with this award kindly brought to my attention that our good friends John and Charles may not be as smitten with the stiletto (however gorgeous it may be), so I have created a slightly more masculine version of this wonderful award.  I hope that I haven’t offended anyone, it was unintentional.

This is the masculine version of the same lovely award

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