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Today is our last day in Marrakech. At this time as in most holidays I have a slight feeling if panic – OMG, did we do everything, see everything, experience everything we possibly could have? We didn’t do this, or that, or even that! This holiday is no different. I have regret that we didn’t really step out of our very square box and go to the dessert, but having said that, I am very fatalistic, things happen for a reason, and I am in no position to turn my nose up at fate, and do the opposite! Our time in Marrakech has been enjoyable, and I shall have fond memories of her sites and sounds and the kindness of a few gentle souls.
OK, enough of the mush, back to reality. Yesterday we did a couple of bus tours to get a better lay of the land, I shall add my crappy iPhone shots below, the Canon will come in good time (patience, grasshopper!)
We began our day by walking to the spot where we can find the bus. We are greeted on the street by one of our Ryad servers; he is wearing his ‘celebration best’ and looks quite fetching. He is a man about my age, perhaps a few years younger, with a kind, soft, gentle face. He is SO HAPPY to see us! Have we seen where true Moroccan’s shop? Only the souks, we say. Bah, that’s for tourists, come, come, I’ll show you. We don’t feel threatened or taken. At one point I say to him “you are a great guide” and he responds, taking my hand “no, I am a friend” very touching, and sincerely delivered. He takes us to his favorite Épicier (spice vendor). It’s in the middle of the Jewish area with the synagogue across from it. The guy is young and kind, not pushy. I buy stuff, of course, and he gives us ‘gifts’ a little extra of this, a gift of that. I really enjoyed myself. He was not forceful. I ask us he has Moroccan olive oil, he does, but sadly it is not labelled (probably family made) and I am unsure whether customs would allow it. It has a rich olive taste, unlike any olive oil I’ve tried. It takes a bit to explain why I cannot take it, but he understands and is not insulted. I told him I would cry if customs took it away, which is likely true. We continued on a little tour with our new friend, and then he leaves us with a pleasant goodbye. We bump into him later in the day, meeting on the streets of the medina like old friends. THIS IS MY MOROCCO!
We continue to the bus tour and enjoy the scenes.
Modern Marrakech outside the Medina

McDonalds is here too!

The camels with the Date Palm gardens (did you know dates grew on Palm trees?)

The tallest minaret at the Koutoubia Mosque

Lunch in a contemporary French restaurant of Niçoisse Salad and Vino (come to momma!)



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