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It just won’t stop…

Last weekend we had about 30cm (1 foot) of snow. It’s March for god’s sake. A foot of snow in March? Damn lying groundhog!

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, I just forget to take photos!

Check out our snow photos:

Our lovely little Japanese Maple is buried under this pile, which is to my shoulders (by Sunday it was up to my head!)


This photo was taken right in the thick of it. It was pretty ugly. Snow plow came twice and deposited a mountain of thick, wet, heavy, icy, muddy snow at the end of our driveway. It was pretty ugly!!!!


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We got about 10cm of snow (don’t know what planet The Weather Network was measuring on, but I do know I had to shovel TWICE!). It was bone chilling too!

Saturday turned out to be a lovely and much warmer day. We caught this squirrel catching a few Z’s just outside our kitchen window:


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We were out last night at 9:30pm shoveling…for the third time that day! As you can well imagine we are quite sick of it. Good thing we did a workout too, otherwise, I’d fear that we’d plummet into unfitedness (is that a word?)

Anyway, as troublesome the snow is, it is extremely beautiful. Here are a few photos of our back yard (I can hardly believe that this is the middle of Toronto!)





And we’re expecting MORE today. Anyone want to help shovel snow?


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