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As you’ve read by now, I’m kind of on a croissant kick; I’m trying to master the art of croissant making and it’s going well. Sawsan over at Chef in Disguise originally inspired me to take on the lofty croissant!
This is attempt number three. I’m using
The Fresh Loaf recipe again, mainly because it was designed for a mixer (my shoulder is still bad, I have an xray and ultrasound booked!)

The cold, formed croissants, just before baking

What I’ve learned is this:

  • The dough and the butter must be cold all the time.
  • The dough should be a harder bread dough, and not soft, so that the butter doesn’t melt into it (you want the butter to define the layers).
  • I actually followed Sawsan’s folding after folding the butter into it (The Fresh Loaf doesn’t fold as much and I like a flaky croissant).
  • After each rolling and folding, return to the fridge to rise for a few hours or as I did, over night.
  • NEVER allow the dough to warm up (this melts the butter).
  • The two temperature baking is essential for a golden, flaky croissant. Super hot to begin, then lower to bake it through.

    The final product. Flaky, butter, yummy.

    I do hope you try baking croissants sometime. They really are not as difficult as you might think. Thanks Sawsan, again!

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